Piano Pedal & Trap Repair

Professional Piano Pedal & Trap Repair Service in Point Cook and Melbourne

Do you have a piano? Did you inherit a piano that looks and sound dull? Having issues with internal parts? Did you have your pedals broken, scratched, dented? Missing a few parts or keys? How about repairing your old piano to pass on to the next generation? Looking for a fine piano pedal and trap repair service in Point Cook and Melbourne? You have come to the right place! Gary Beadell Piano Services is your one-stop shop for all kinds of piano servicing needs. We are dedicated helping you have your piano repaired at a very cost-effective rate.

World-Class Piano Pedal and Trap Repair Service in Melbourne to Fix Your Piano

Whether you need re-varnishing and re-polishing, restoration of internal body parts, repairing of broken panels and components, replacement of worn out parts or tuning, we can do everything for you. Our team of highly skilled and experienced, reliable professionals can fix any problems with efficiency and help restore your piano back to its former beauty and rich heritage.

Other than that, we can effectively repair scratched, dented or broken wooden panels, pedals and missing piano keys, source the best-rated replacement parts for a long-lasting result, fix damaged, worn-out or rusted detailing and offer expert advice on piano pedal and trap repair and maintenance issues.

Prompt and efficient services on-site – reasonably priced

With Gary Beadell Piano Services, you get a wide range of piano repairing options designed to keep your instrument in top-condition, increases longevity and makes life easier. Our team of skilled and reliable technicians will offer you with prompt, affordable and quality services, majority of which are performed on-site and are priced very reasonably. We make sure that all our clients are provided with a superior service that improves the appearance, performance and longevity of your piano. We are fully focused on delivering exceptional customer services to ensure that you enjoy a peace of mind knowing that everything has been arranged and coordinated efficiently. Feel free to contact us for fast and efficient piano pedal and trap repair service across Melbourne and Point Cook.