Piano tuning

Piano Tuning and Voicing in Point Cook, Melbourne

Do you want to keep your piano in top-notch condition? Would you like your piano to play beautifully all year round? You have landed at the right place! With decades of experience in the piano repair and restoration industry, Gary Beadle Piano Services offers prompt reliable and hassle-free piano voicing and piano tuning in Point Cook, Melbourne. We specialise in piano tuning and voicing services and over the years, we have earned a solid reputation for delivering the highest standards of professionalism and service.

Reliable and Highly Effective Piano Tuning in Point Cook, Melbourne

Piano tuning is highly important to maintain the string tension and pitch within your piano. You need to tune your piano at regular intervals in a bid to maintain a pleasant and accurate sound as well as to maintain the overall health of the piano. At Gary Beadle Piano Services, our experts recommend that pianos should be tuned at least twice a year if casually played, and more frequently the more it is used. Pianos need to be tuned if transported to a new place. The pitch of your piano can also get affected by changes in weather, mainly due to humidity and temperature.

With a team of fully trained and highly skilled professionals, we offer top-notch and exceptional piano tuning service at a competitive price. As one of the leading piano tuners in Melbourne, we provide 100% client satisfaction and can do everything possible to make your piano sound its very best. Our team of professional piano tuners have decades of experience and they use the latest technologies and the right equipment to deliver the best results.

For piano tuning in Point Cook, Melbourne, look no further than Gary Beadle Piano Services. We offer cost-effective and high-quality tuning services for pianos of all models and makes of Uprights, Grands and Pianolas. If your piano is not tuned regularly, it can go flat and might require a pitch raise to bring it up to pitch. We are well equipped to tune your piano to a requested pitch if needed.

You Can Blindly Trust Our Experts for Piano Voicing in Point Cook, Melbourne

Every piano is unique an has its own distinct voice. With continuous use over the course of time, the hammer felt of your piano strikes the strings and wears down the felt. This is why the tone of your piano becomes too bright or harsh. This hardening makes it difficult to produce a wide array or even range of tones, no matter how skilful a piano player you are. This is why piano voicing is so important.

The piano voicing process involves the adjustment of the density of the felts that cover the hammers striking the string to emanate a brighter or warmer tone. At Gary Beadle Piano Services, we are well equipped to provide hassle-free piano voicing service for all models and makes of Pianolas, Grands and Uprights – from family heirlooms and priceless antiques to Concert Grands and more.

Before beginning the piano voicing process, our experts conduct an in-depth inspection to make sure that every single aspect within the action is in proper condition – the piano is fine-tuned, the action is properly adjusted and the hammers are striking the strings squarely. During the piano voicing process, our experts can treat the hammers in several ways – by proper shaping, aligning, hardening or needling the hammers to tweak the tone production. Based on the age and potential of your instrument, we can provide you with the best-suited piano voicing service. So, when it comes to top-notch and cost-effective piano voicing in Point Cook, Melbourne, don’t look beyond Gary Beadle Piano Services.

To discuss your piano voicing and piano tuning needs or to know more about our services, get in touch with us today.